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I'm Charity Lewis


I look forward to helping you discover your best, most powerful self through style.” 


Charity Lewis, is a savvy personal and fashion stylist. She focuses on understanding the lifestyle and needs of clients to create a fashionable wardrobe that represents the best of each client’s individuality. With a passion for helping others and her skilled training as a professional RN, her mission is to provide healing through fashion. Charity believes a woman exudes confidence when her outfit makes her feel both natural and strong- like she can accomplish ANYTHING!!





Are just a few titles that describe her. Just like her, many women wear several hats that take the focus from their ability to live their best life. With a compassionate approach and understanding, her desire is to empower women to be successful in every aspect of life as they become the best versions of themselves, in STYLE.


Charity’s unorthodox introduction to fashion grew from growing up in a strict household. She recalls, “My family was very religious; therefore, I wasn’t allowed to wear pants. Since I didn’t want people to notice how often I wore the same skirt, I would search for skirts that were unique and similar to trends that were in at the time. When it was time to coordinate outfits with friends, they had denim overalls decked out, but I had to be creative and decorate a denim skirt and tee to coordinate with their looks. It was clear that my outfit would be different. I was going to stand out of course, but it was okay! Why?...because I owned my style and although it was different, it represented me. It wasn’t about what I was wearing, but how I wore it.. how I felt in clothes that fit me, empowered me to own my life, and feel great about myself. One of my core beliefs is, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it!! My style was personal and a representation of the best version of myself at that time.


When I look back over my life, I am so grateful for the differences I faced and who I am today. Who would’ve thought, the teen girl raised in a strict household, that was forced to be creative with her unlimited skirt and dress options, would own her own styling company? I would have never imagined having my own business, but here I am today, founder of a styling agency, where I empower clients to understand that you can be a better YOU, when you transform yourself from the outside to connect to the power that’s within. " 

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