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As a wardrobe stylist, I offer a range of personalized services that are tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to refresh your current wardrobe or completely revamp your style, I can assist you with that.

Signature Style Revamp 

Elevate your wardrobe by adding some finesse so that you can step out confidently. With our Signature Style Revamp framework, we will identify wardrobe gaps and bring life to your current style so that you can be seen as the expert that you are. 

Signature Style Revamp | starts at $1497.00


  • Onboarding Call: discuss service and style strategy to develop plan to meet client styling goals

  • Behind the Brand: Brand Review via  zoom Style Strategy Call

  • Signature Style Guide - Outfit Curation of 2 looks that aligns with client style goals. 

MARKED! Brand Persona + Identity

Developing a personal style that aligns with your brand image takes time and experimentation. With my brand finesse framework, we will teach you how to show up confidently, in style and ON BRAND ensuring that you leave a MARK everywhere you go. 

Marked Package  | Starts at $2357


  • Onboarding Call discuss service and style sessions

  • Behind the Brand: Brand Review + Assessment

  • Brand Persona +Image Analysis: Review brand persona

  • Boss Style Image Assessment: Evaluation of client's current dressing style. Are you dressing like the BOSS that you are?

  • Wardrobe Action Plan 

  • The BluePrint: Outfit Curation (3 looks) that align with client personal and brand style image goals so that you can show up as the BOSS that you are!

KBS_2182 copy (1).jpg
KBS_2335 copy.jpg

BOSS Up! Style Signature Formation  

Boss Up  Package  | starts at $4077

Show up as the BOSS that you are!  With our signature style framework, we will help you customize your ideal style and create a wardrobe collection that fits your lifestyle needs so that you can continue to grow your business successfully and always show up as the best version of yourself!


  • Onboarding Call: discuss service and style session

  • Behind the Brand: Brand Story + Goals from client point of view as founder and CEO

  • Behind the Brand: Brand Persona + Image Analysis: Review Brand Persona

  • BOSS Style Image Assessment

  • Mini Closet Review + Edit

  • Wardrobe Action Plan (wardrobe gaps identified and prioritized based on wardrobe needs; recommendations of clothing purchases and closet tools provided for a successful, functional wardrobe)

  • The BluePrint: Outfit Curation (5 looks) that align with your brand image and personal style goals so that you step out on BRAND and as the BOSS that you are!

White Crosses

The first step to working with me as your wardrobe stylist & style coach  is booking a style direction call. 

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