"The Overhaul: Reclaim my Style" Package

Are you in need of a full makeover...tired of wearing the same, old boring clothes and want to add some life to your closet? Is it time for you to invest in yourself and change your style so that you can gain the promotion you've been tirelessly working so hard for? Well, this package is just for YOU!! With this service, I will help you discover your personal style so that you can be the BOSS that you are! You can continue to live your life, while I shop for you! Yes, I'll do all the shopping, put outfits together, bring them to you for you to try on, and even return the items you don't like.


What's Included:

  • Introductory Phone Consultation to discuss your styling needs/goals

  • Style assessment where we will discover your personal sense of style

  • Closet evaluation where we will get rid of dated/unworn clothing, only keeping clothing that will enhance your new personal style.

  • Personalized mood board to showcase direction of vision for styling inspiration.

  • Shopping: This is the best part!! I  do all of the shopping and put numerous looks together for you, to achieve functional pieces that will upgrade your closet and provide multipurpose styling options while you continue to live life, and focus on your personal daily responsibilities.

  • In-person, fitting session with personal stylist where you will try on clothes and select your new wardrobe pieces!

  • All unwanted merchandise, returned by stylist so that you may continue to focus on daily lifestyle.

  • Personalized lookbook for client to reference how to style new,enhanced wardrobe

  • Discover new ways to style current wardrobe pieces for fresh look

  • Photoshoot session to celebrate updated wardrobe/styling session for client

"Get the Clew"

Personal Style Package

Have a special event coming up, but don't have a #clew about what to wear? You probably even don't know where to start looking for the perfect look to fit the dress code for the event, let alone have any time to go shopping because life's just too busy. No worries my friend, I'm here and can get you out of the "I have nothing to wear" in my closet rut! With this package I will help you develop your personal style for that special occasion- whether it be a first date, wedding guest attire, birthday party, etc. You get to continue your daily routine, while I shop and put together the perfect looks for you that will be sure to get you noticed at your special event! 


What's Included:

  • Introductory Meeting via Phone to discuss styling needs

  • Style assessment where we will discuss your lifestyle and establish your personal sense of style

  • Shopping: I get to shop and curate amazing looks for you, while you continue to live life, and focus on your personal daily activities.

  • Completed looks,  paired together from head to toe- yes I pair accessories, shoes, etc to finalize your look, so that you don't have to worry about the minor details.

  • In-person, one-on-one fitting  session with personal stylist 

  • All unwanted merchandise, returned by stylist so that you may continue to focus on daily lifestyle. 

  • Per client request, stylist can be available to assist client with getting dressed on event date

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