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Corporate Gal Fashion: Get in Formation, Monochrome Style!!

Are you a corporate girl and want to step outside of the norm...break away from the typical black and navy color hues that Corporate America has boxed you in? Well, I'm here for it, and I want to push you to try something new! Spring is the perfect time to branch out and add some COLOR to your wardrobe. PINK is definitely IN this season, and I DARE you to add it to your closet this spring.

Variations of the pink hue makes it easy to mix different shades together for a monochrome look as shown in the picture above. A pink top or bottom can also be paired with other bright colors for a color-block effect. Just because you're a corporate girl doesn't mean you have to stick to traditional black or navy suits. When you walk into your office in a pink suit, it speaks volumes. It shows boldness, class, and a little bit of edge. It also sets YOU apart. I believe you should always dress like a BOSS, whether you're the CEO, assistant, or intern. When you dress with confidence, others can see that and respect you more. Your style also shows others how they should treat you! In your current style, what message are you sending to others? How do you want people to see and treat you?

I challenge you to be bold and step out the box this season by adding color to your wardrobe. If you need any assistance with your looks, send me a quick message. I'd love to help you! Step out the box- it's time for you to dress for your next move! Your time is NOW!! Let's change your life- IN STYLE!

Check out the slideshow below for more inspirational looks!!


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